Bianca is a singer/songwriter and 2 time cancer survivor and advocate. When she was 11 years old, she was diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer. She had her right ovary removed, and had to undergo multiple other surgeries. 6 months of chemo then followed, and Bianca was finally was considered "NED" for about 11 years, until she was diagnosed again with breast cancer at age 22. At this point, Bianca received genetic testing and they found that she has a rare genetic mutation called TP53, meaning she could get any type of cancer. In order to possibly have her own kids in the future, Bianca had to freeze some of her eggs before starting another round of chemo and a double mastectomy


"Music has helped me through my fight with cancer and it still helps me today with every obstacle I face! Art, and basically anything creative, also really helped me push through the difficulties cancer brought along. I was so lucky that my hospital had an art room—it was so peaceful and gave me a sense of normalcy. My hospital also had a video game room which I would go to every single day. Fuzzy blankets and pjs also made me so happy during my hospital stays and still do!" 


           - Bianca Muniz