Caly was on Season 11 of America's Got Talent, where her astounding voice and inspirational story touched the hearts of many Americans.

When Caly was 15 years old, she discovered a lump on her abdomen but brushed it off, assuming it was just abs. During a family vacation she got really sick, leading her dad to take her to a doctor, who told her she was pregnant. Caly knew at that point in her life that being pregnant was impossible, so she informed her doctor she thought it was a false positive. Her doctor responded that the only thing that would create a false positive is a tumor or cyst on her ovaries disrupting her hormones. She was then sent to get blood work and an ultrasound which ultimately revealed the 5 lb tumor. Caly then received a surgery that removed the tumor, along with her left ovary and Fallopian tube. However, while removing the tumor, they had discovered that her cancer had spread. She received chemotherapy that whole summer at Toledo Children's Hospital. The chemo, while short, was intense. It made Caly weak, groggy, and upset that she couldn't hang out with her friends, and that she had lost all her hair. Regardless, she decided that no matter what, she was going to have this sickness for a while so she took it for what it was rather than being sad about it. Any time she felt "good", she would do as much as her body allowed her to do. Cancer helped her realize what living life to the fullest meant.

Music was one thing that got Caly through her fight with cancer. Music made her feel good, and was her own personal medication. Being creative was also a important for her. She loved doing her makeup and seeing what cool crazy looks she could come up with to divert the attention from her bald head, to her face. Coloring was another hobby she loved to do; it didn''t matter what the picture was, just give her crayons and a piece of paper and she's on a roll!

"I want families who are going through this to know that this doesn't have to divide you. This is the most important time to realize what everything really boils down to ... love and happiness. Focus on the positives, acknowledge the negatives. Know that most of the time those negatives won't change right away, unless you know that you yourself can change them ... then do it! Overall, just love love love."


           - Caly Bevier