The summer before kindergarten, Evie's mom began to notice that Evie was getting really tired in the middle of the day, and got mysterious bruises on her body. Her mom took her to a doctor who later diagnosed Evie with Leukemia, blood cancer. She stayed in and out of INOVA Fairfax hospital for 2-3 years. In the beginning, Evie was homeschooled by a teacher that visited her house since she couldn't be around a lot of germs. For a reference, if she ever got a fever, she had to be driven to the emergency room since her body couldn't fight infections due to the cancer. For the first month, Evie was given her meds through an IV on her arm, but was later given a port that was surgically put in the right side of her upper chest. At the end of second grade, she fully recovered from cancer. The years after that weren't always the brightest. Because of chemo, Evie was a little behind in terms of learning and was given a 504 plan. This didn't make her very happy because it made her feel really dumb. However, now when she looks back at it, she highly recommends patients to use this if they are ever given one! Evie is currently a freshman in high school and loves to play field hockey, bullet journal and sing.

"After I had recovered from cancer, my mom threw a big party to celebrate. It was truly one of the best moments of my life to see me and not an IV always next to me. All in all, childhood cancer is just as hard as it seems, but between being able to ride my little bike around the hospital floor (yeah I know, I can't believe they let me do that), and my family and friends welcoming me back home after I fought my most recent battle, all the people in my life made sure that even though my childhood might've not been the sweetest, it wasn't going to be ruined. Sorry cancer, you're not winning this fight!"


           - Evie Brabant