Financial Report


We are extremely proud of the way we manage and use our funds. Our funds are distributed between the following categories (estimated percentages):
BUYING TOYS & BOOKS - 60%                                    SHIPPING COSTS - 20%
Post Box

Most of our funds are spent on buying toys and books to send to cancer hospitals and cancer patients all over the U.S. It is estimated that most toys/books we ship average around $30 and we usually ship at least 10 total toys and books per hospital, and at least 3 gifts to individual patients (varies depending on price of item). This means that on average, we spend $300 per shipment on just the toys/books we are mailing out. However, our book drives lower the cost we have to spend on books so normally, 75% or more of the books we ship are ones that were donated (please note that donated USED books are not accepted due to infection risks, we only accept NEW books and do thorough checks to make sure all books we ship are in fact, NEW). On the other hand, we do buy 99% of the toys that are shipped as we receive more book donations than toy donations, so that is where the $300 estimate comes from.

We usually send at least two 15-pound boxes to every hospital to make sure we provide enough toys and books for the kids. The weight and size of these boxes make shipping costs go up which is why our second category is shipping costs. If we send out two 15 pound boxes, the shipping usually costs around $80-$100 depending on where the boxes go. However, during COVID-19, our shipping costs have decreased drastically because we are now using Amazon to ship our toys and books.

ADMIN COSTS - 10%                                                        EXTRA EXPENSES - 20%

Becoming a non-profit is expensive, and all the legal forms necessary to maintain the 501(c)(3) status are costly, which is why 10% of our funds go towards filing these government forms. The administrative costs section also includes website fees.

Lastly, extra expenses is the category for the costs of art supplies needed to create our coloring book, fundraiser supplies such as baking items for bake sales, printing fees for flyers, etc.
If you have any more questions on how our funds are used, feel free to email us.