Wooden Cars
Medical Team

Toys and Books:

CKF sends boxes of new toys and books to cancer hospitals all over the US to provide entertainment for patients receiving treatment. These toys and books are either collected from donation drives or purchased using funds.


Handmade and digital cards/crafts are distributed to kids at cancer hospitals all over the world. These cards brighten cancer patients' days and bring smiles to their faces. Our Arts program also distributes other crafts such as coloring books filled with uniquely designed inspirational coloring pages.

Care Packages:

Care packages filled with toys, books, and other goodies are mailed to individual pediatric cancer patients throughout the US. 

Treatment Services:

In partnership with other organizations such as ACCO and WCC, Cancer Kids First provides resource kits to hospitals, specialized training for staff, and overall, raises funds to increase access to treatment and care in low-income countries.