1.5 million




And we are just getting started.

We are Cancer Kids First.

Cancer Kids First is a certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit working towards providing kids at cancer hospitals with a chance at a normal childhood. From our members to our volunteers, we are devoted to this mission and strive to help as many patients as we can. Join us in putting a smile on the faces of cancer patients!

Cancer Kids First was founded by high schooler Olivia Zhang at the age of 14 in hopes of bettering the childhoods of cancer patients. Starting in 6th grade, Olivia sold artwork to her classmates in order to raise money for her grandfather, who was diagnosed with cancer. In 7th grade, Olivia's elementary school teacher, who she grew up learning from, was also diagnosed with cancer. This pushed her efforts to raise money for their medical care and for cancer research in general by selling crafts such as paintings and handmade jewelry to more people. Unfortunately, both her grandfather and elementary school teacher passed away the following year. Their deaths affected her and her family greatly, which is why CKF was started to honor their memories.

Cancer Kids First's founder and volunteers now dedicate their lives to helping kids battling this disease.