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Care Packages Program 
Know someone eligible to receive a CKF care package? Submit an application.

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While our Toys and Books Program donates items to pediatric cancer hospitals around the world, this program is focused more towards presents for individual cancer patients. Similar to toys and books, our care packages supply families with items they need but may not be able to afford, or just goodies to spark some joy and provide comfort within their lives.

About This Program

Our Care Packages Program was recently launched during COVID-19 after our founder noticed the number of pediatric patients that still needed items to cheer them up, but may not be receiving treatment at a hospital with a pediatric cancer sector.

The Care Packages Program gifts a box of items requested by the patient's guardian or generalized comfort goodies. We have also partnered with nonprofit organization HopeWorks to hold packaging events to prepare care packages for patients.

Currently, most items are being shipped through online manufacturers like Amazon to avoid risks of infection.

Though most patients a part of this program live within the US, we have also helped international pediatric cancer patients. If you live outside the US but still would like a care package, feel free to submit a request.

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Pictures from our Packaging Events

We hope to hold packaging events every 2 months to gather volunteers in the DMV area to come by in-person and prepare care packages for kids with cancer. Contact us if you'd like to help!






And we are just getting started.

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