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Donation Boxes

Before hosting a CKF donation area, check out our drive kit.

1. Check Space for Donation Bin(s)

Hosting a donation center for us at a public charity/company means that there must be enough space to place at least one donation bin.

2. Poster, Flyer, or Newsletter

There are restrictions to what toys and books we can accept, so you may need a poster, flyer, or space in a newsletter to inform people what type of donations are allowed.

3. Set up Start and End Dates


Communicate with the public charity/company efficiently to ensure that there is a set time period for people to donate toys/books; we recommend leaving the bin out for at least 1 week!

Benefits of Hosting a Donation Drive

Our founder with the directors of two public charities CKF has partnered with to host a donation drive

1. Good Morals


If you are a school, library, or church, you are ensuring that the people attending your public charity are making a difference in the world.

2. Brand Loyalty

As a company, aligning your brand with a nonprofit encourages brand loyalty because your customers know you care about helping others.

3. Making a Difference

Best of all, you get the satisfaction of knowing you contributed in making the lives of pediatric cancer patients a little bit easier!

4. Get Donating!

Encourage others to donate items to your drive to make your event a success.

Steps for Hosting Donation Drives

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