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We deliver toys and books to cancer hospitals because they normalize the hospital environment and provide joy for the kids. Toys and books also help pass time, making these donations essential to improving the childhoods of cancer patients.

This CKF program is our biggest program; our goal is to send at least two boxes of toys and books to cancer hospitals in every U.S. state. Most books we ship are donated from book drives we do at public charities such as schools or libraries, and corporate companies. On the other hand, the toys we ship to the hospitals are mainly bought directly using funds we raised or received. This is because when we do toy/book drives, most people tend to donate books instead of toys.

About This Program

Cancer Kids First partners with many public charities and companies to host toy/book drives. All toys and books we receive from those collections are then thoroughly checked to make sure everything we ship to hospitals are NEW. Sometimes, we do end up receiving used books which we cannot use because of strict infection guidelines hospitals have. We usually donate those books to other donation centers or non-profits specifically looking for used books.

Presently, due to COVID-19, Cancer Kids First is shipping toys and books to hospitals directly through Amazon to avoid increased risks of infection.

60% of our funds are used in this program to buy toys and books to ship to hospitals. All toys and books are handpicked by our officers and directors based on hospital wish lists we are sent.

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And we are just getting started.

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