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CKF in Colombia

Cancer Kids First had the opportunity to provide much needed supplies for kids with cancer in Colombia, South America over the summer of 2021. We are beyond ecstatic that we were able to help out these amazing kids and talk to them face to face (all CKF members strictly adhered to COVID-19 safety guidelines). Thanks to our CKF ambassador Valentina for organizing and coordinating this drop off for Hospital Universitario San Jorge de Pereira and Hospital niño Jesus!

We were also incredibly humbled by this trip; many families in Colombia aren't able to afford basic necessities—much less provide toys and books for their kids. With battling cancer being such a difficult journey already, the added stress of financial issues places an immense amount of pressure on families. Additionally, many kids with cancer in Colombia lost either one or both parents to drug overdoses, poverty, etc., making this country an especially important one to help.

Providing these kids with countless face masks, shampoo, wipes, pain medication, toys and books will forever be something we will remember. 

Our Impact in Pictures:

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