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Have questions about volunteering?, Check out our FAQ

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Steps to Become a CKF Volunteer

1. Choose Team(s)


Choose one, or more, of the CKF teams you want to volunteer for. Make sure you read over the description of what each volunteer for their specific team's role is so you choose the team(s) best fit for you!

2. Sign up


Complete the specific registration form for the team you would like to volunteer for.

3. Receive Your First Assignment From Your Team Leader


Once your volunteer registration has been received and processed, we will send a welcome message informing you how to join the correct group to receive assignments to work on for service hours within 10 days. Familiarize yourself with your team leader(s) because they will help and lead you through everything!

4. Submit Hours for Approval


After finishing your volunteer work, submit everything as instructed. Then, request your hours as noted to be approved by your team head!

CKF Teams



Our Arts team makes the cards (handmade and E-cards) and other crafts we send out to cancer hospitals.

The volunteers on this team do not have to be technically good at art but should be willing to put their best efforts in to design cards/crafts for patients.

Click the pencil icon above to learn more about this team!


Our Events team brings their personality and creativity to making patients smile. Members may be asked to film inspirational videos for patients, participate in game nights, or run in virtual 5K's. These volunteers also sign petitions to pass certain health laws regarding pediatric cancer and campaign for awareness. Fundraising service opportunities are also sent to this team.

However, most enticing, these volunteers get to interact with patients over personalized Zoom events filled with conversation and games!

The volunteers on this team should be communicative and collaborative, while passionate about making a change regarding childhood cancer policies.

Click the ticket icon above to learn more about this team!


Our Fundraising team is combined with our Events team, but is key to raising money for Cancer Kids First. This team participates in CKF fundraisers to help us raise the most amount of money possible to fund our programs.

The volunteers on this team should have and know how to utilize their connections in order to escalate CKF's donations.

Click the piggy bank icon above to learn more about this team!

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