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In partnership with organizations like World Child Cancer and the American Childhood Cancer Organization, the CKF Treatment Services Program works towards increasing access to treatment and care for patients worldwide.

In countries like the U.S., the survival rate for kids with cancer is around 80%. However, in low-income countries such as Mexico, the Philippines, and Kenya, survival rates are as low as 10%. This program focuses on bridging this gap. Started in August 2021 after an enlightening trip to Colombia, South America, to deliver items, CKF launched this program in hopes of bringing smiles to the faces of patients who may not currently have adequate resources.


About This Program

Through our partners and the funds we raise, Cancer Kids First is able to provide patients in low-income countries with services that elevate the chances of them beating cancer. Donations through this program allow for us to deliver resource kits to hospitals, provide convenient transportation that enable earlier diagnoses, fund research programs directed towards finding the cure for cancer, specialized training for oncologist staff, and so much more.

Currently, we're focusing on equipping Mexico with these services through multiple fundraisers.

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And we are just getting started.