Fundraising Volunteer Description

Fundraisers are the way CKF funds all of our programs, making this section of our organization vital.  If you join our fundraiser team, you must participate in at least 5 of our fundraisers throughout the year. We have multiple each month, big and small, so this requirement should not be difficult to accomplish. 

Once you sign up to join our fundraiser team, you will be notified of all fundraisers we have throughout each year. You can then decide if you would like to participate in that one or not, but make sure you let our Fundraising Heads know if you are participating!

If you are participating in a fundraiser, our heads will explain what you will be doing to help increase our donations. Most often, you will have to reach out to friends and family asking them if they'd like to donate or participate in the event we have. However, other fundraisers might only require you to share a post or message.

You can also host a fundraiser for us if you don't want to start a full chapter or participate in one of our current fundraisers. From birthday party fundraisers to lemonade stands, hosting a fundraiser for CKF helps change lives. Some fundraiser ideas to get you started are:

1. Start a GoFundMe for Cancer Kids First as apart of your birthday gift list for your guests, or simply send your guests our donation page so they can make a donation through our website.

2. Involve your school, peers or club to start a jog-a-thon where participants can get pledges for the amount of miles they run.

3. Something as simple as starting a lemonade stand or selling crafts to raise money for Cancer Kids First make a huge impact!

Email us with any questions, or if you need help with your fundraiser. We would love to provide you with examples of benefits you'd receive if you host one for us to support patients worldwide.

Start a fundraiser today to join our mission in providing kids with cancer with a chance at a normal childhood.