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Student Organization Helps Cancer Patients

Dear Cancer,
Did you know that you scar the lives of about 43 children every day? Did you know that out of every 8 children diagnosed, one dies? Sophomore Olivia Zhang knew. Which is why she founded the organization Cancer Kids First (CFK), aimed to uplift those children you’ve targeted.

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Young Social Impact Heroes: Why and How Olivia Zhang of Cancer Kids First Is Helping To Change Our World

As a part of my series about young people who are making an important social impact, I had the pleasure of interviewing Olivia Zhang.

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"Surround yourself with strong colleagues." with Olivia Zhang

Surround yourself with strong colleagues. Having members on your team that are hardworking and dedicated to achieving the goal you want for your organization/company is so important. Without a good team behind you, you won’t be able to succeed. There have been many instances when I chose friends to hold leadership positions in CKF simply […]

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Help Deliver Some Joy to Young Cancer Patients

We recently received a lovely email asking if our crafting community would like to make some handmade cards for Cancer Kids First. Getting a card for Christmas, especially during a challenging time, can mean so much. So we took a look at our Christmas cards and made two of our designs free. This way anyone who wants to participate can! 

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8 At-Home Volunteer Opportunities to Check Off Your Required Hours

After Olivia Zhang’s grandfather and elementary school teacher passed away due to cancer, the then 14-year-old created Cancer Kids First to help kids battle the disease...Along with fundraising, you can volunteer by creating informative content, organizing events, and designing coloring pages. Cancer Kids First has three volunteering teams, and you can join as many of them as you want. If you’re really passionate about the cause, you can also create a Cancer Kids First chapter in your community.

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How to Earn Service Hours in School with Cancer Kids First

Want to earn service hours in middle school and high school? Check out Cancer Kids First to see how you can support the cause!

There are plenty of opportunities for middle and high schoolers to earn service hours while helping pediatric cancer patients!

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