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Events Volunteer Description

Our events are the primary way we connect with patients, spread awareness about our organization, and advocate for change in health policies pertaining to pediatric cancer.  Some examples of events we have are Zoom events with patients, creating holiday-themed care packages, and engaging in awareness events.

Once you sign up to join our events team Remind, you will be notified of all events and fundraisers we have throughout each year by either us, or your chapter head (our events and fundraising teams are combined). You can then decide if you would like to participate in that one or not, but remember that you can make a bigger impact the more events you participate in! There is usually a CKF event/fundraiser twice a month.

If you are participating in an event, our heads will explain what you will be doing for us at that event. Most often, you will be spreading the message about Cancer Kids First or helping us advocate for change regarding childhood cancer laws and funds.

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